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I’m a learning and development professional with over 25 years broad leadership, management and consultancy experience across a wide range of business types, sizes and sectors. I help people achieve business and personal goals and drive performance improvement through the development of strong people management, communication and interpersonal skills that are based in the real world; in other words they are practical to apply and make a real difference. Business is all about people, whether those people are customers, employees, colleagues or others with a passing interest. I believe a managers’ primary role is to add value through people.

Life is also about people, and having strong communication skills and a real sense of self goes a long way to helping ourselves and others succeed.

Being passionate about, and loving what you do is a real gift, and I’m really lucky to have spent much of my career experiencing just that. Because business and most other things are really about people, it means I really work with individuals building confidence, helping them develop personal tools and strategies to get the most out of life. The variety is endless. Running workshops, personal coaching and mentoring, speaking and developing online learning are just some of the ways I am able to help.

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My favourite quotation

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion it is taking place."

George Bernard Shaw